The Artist

Anibal diéguez


Anibal Diéguez is a Young Latin American artist, born in Guatemala in 1977. He started his artistic career very young, consolidating it through studies in the National School of Visual Arts of Guatemala. His work includes painting, poetry and essay. Since 1998 he has sold and donated his work at an individual level to private collectors in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Brazil, Denmark, Texas, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

The technical perfection shown in my work is the result of more than 20 years of work, which he has complemented with solid arguments in the graphic speech that he exposes. This is the expression of an internal quest for perfection on the technical and conceptual plains.

My work presents four key concepts: movement, unity, multiple realities and spontaneous generation, all expressed through the art works that he creates.

For me the art is the multidimensional expression of reality, originated in the spiritual memory of humanity.

Anibal Dieguez



Exhibition «Diversities». Gallery of the cultural space Sputnik Posdam, Germany.


Exhibition private collection. Caracas Venezuela.


Collective exhibition Municipality Jutiapa, next to Doniel Espinoza, Jorge Felix, among others. Guatemala.


Individual exhibition. Step through the world. Colloquia. Contemporary art project. Guatemala.

Private collection exhibition. New York, Chicago, United States.


Exhibition private collection. Sao Paulo, Brazil.